"I discovered the Lord
Within the walls of my own soul.

Lalla (1320-90) was born in a Kashmiri village near Srinagar in Northern India. She was married at the age of twelve, which was the custom, but her mother-in-law was abusive and demanding and her husband paid little attention to her. After enduring this unkind treatment for several years, Lalla left her husband's home to become a wandering ascetic. She composed hundreds of songs and sang them to other devotees and all who came to hear.

the Poems of Lalla

To memorize the scriptures is easy, to live them is hard. Faking sincerity is a learned skill being sincere is a life long endeavor. Look deep words vanish Joyous, silent, The Awaken One finds the dreamer. I, Lalla, willingly enter the garden-gate. There, to my joy, I behold Siva united with Sakti; There I am absorbed in drinking from the Lake of Nectar. Now I am immune from harm, I am dead to the world, though I am still alive. I search for my Self until I grow weary, but no one, I know now, reaches the hidden knowledge by mere effort. Then, absorbed in 'Thou art Everything,' I found the place of Wine. All the jars were filled to the brim but no one was left to drink it. Give up that imaginary thought that you cannot rise above desire or fix your mind on the Self. He is right next to you! Do not look for Him far away. My void merged in the pure Void!

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