Abdul Rahim Khankhana

I am not the giver
The Giver is someone else,
giving day and night.
But the world gives me credit,
Thus, when I give
I cast down my eyes.

Rahim (1556 - 1627) lived during the reign of Akbar. He was one of the nine Navratna's in the court of the Mongol emperor and was an excellent poet and an astrologer. Two of his books on astrology - Khet Kautukam and Dwawishd Yogavali - are still in use as references by astrologers today. Though an Iranian Muslim, he was a great admirer of the Indian civilization and acquired an excellent command of Sanskrit. He is best known for his dohas, couplets in Hindi.

the writings of Rahim

Says Rahim, do not spurn the trivial seeing the weighty when you need a sewing needle of what use a sword. Says Rahim, do not snap the thread of love once broken, it's hard to unite and even if you do, a knot is there. Says Rahim, keep your sorrow to your own heart others will taunt you none willing to share. Says Rahim, a man with no knowledge wisdom, religion and generosity an animal without a tail or horns futile is his birth in this world. Says Rahim, I am not pleased being offered ambrosia without respect better to die with dignity drinking poison. Says Rahim, a dilemma indeed when you speak the truth worldly ties break, but with lies you don't reach God. The Body, a paper toy turns into pulp in a trice strange, so says Rahim that it's filled with so much pride. How will the weak ever live fighting the strong? Says Rahim, like being at war with the crocodile while in water. A tree does not eat its own fruits no pond drinks its own water a good man saves for others' needs so says Rahim. Blessed is the love the fish has for water lifeless without it says Rahim, a bumble bee is different hopping flower to flower. Blessed is the swamp insects thrive on says Rahim, so vast the sea yet everyone comes away thirsty. Says Rahim, my Lord's image is embedded in my eyes there is place for none else like a traveller turning away from a full caravanserai. Says Rahim, the sun rises with glowing rays it sets with equal grace so does a good man living through ups and downs.

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