Any action a man knows would harm him, he should not inflict that on another.

                 Tiru Valluvar was a Tamil poet born in Madras in southern India somewhere between 200 BC and 800 BC; there are no definitive records of his life.   He wrote the Kural, also known as the Thirukkural, a collection of 1330 concise poetic couplets.   It is considered one of the most important works in Tamil.

the translated couplets of Tiruvalluvar

Guard your self-control as a precious treasure, for there is no greater wealth in life than this. Keep the mind free of impurity. That alone is the practice of virtue. All else is nothing but empty display. Virtue is living in such a way that one does not fall into these fourŅenvy, anger, greed and unsavory speech. They say it is to know union with love that the soul takes union with the body. In their offspring one may doubtlessly discern who are the just and who the unjust. The arrow is straight but cruel; the lute is crooked but sweet, therefore, judge men by their acts, not their appearance. The mere thought of sin is sin. Therefore, avoid even the thought of stealing from another. All knowledge acquired through the five senses is worthless to those without knowledge of truth. Purity is but freedom from desire, and that is achieved by desiring to know Truth. As water changes according to the soil through which it flows, so does a man assimilate the character of his associates. Though it seems a harmless gauge of time, a day, to those who fathom its form, is a saw steadily cutting the tree of life. Reasoning with a drunkard is like going under water with a torch to seek for a drowning man. Anger kills both laughter and joy; what greater foe is there than anger? Why would anyone speak cruel words, having seen the happiness that kind words bestow? The help you give may outwardly seem as small as a mustard seed, the knowing that someone cared will make it as imposing as a towering palm. Let a man conquer by self-restraint and tolerance those who in their arrogance have wronged him.

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